31 Week Bumpdate

How far along? 31 weeks
Weight Gain? Don’t know the exact number but I’m sure I’m a few pounds heavier after feasting all Thanksgiving weekend! Hahah Kendal just keeps grabbing my belly and rubbing it going “Oh look at the baby!” Truth is, I think my bump was ½ baby, ½ stuffing and sweet potatoes for a few days! Haha
Size of baby? A head of romaine lettuce! Wowza
Maternity Clothes? Lots of sweats for me these days!
Pregnancy Symptoms? Not so much a symptom of pregnancy… but Kendal and I both got really bad colds this week :( I don’t think I have ever been so sick for so many days in a row but pregnancy gives me the immune system of a 90 year old! I even missed 3 days of work which I’ve never done before. Usually I just push through it but I was extra nervous about getting healthy again since it is for me AND a precious little babe. The good news is Kendal and I got to cuddle lots all day since we were both sickies. I mean, between blowing our noses and coughing up a storm! Romantic, I know. Hahah
Must have items?
  • King-sized pillows on both sides of me while I sleep! I am really starting to take up our whole bed at night, but I am growing a tiny human so I think it’s fair! Haha
Cravings? I finally gave into my orange cravings and it was AMAZING! I already had a cold and was feeling crappy so I was like, eh… might as well! Plus I figured my body could use a little extra vitamin C. I ate one a day and only felt sick from it once which was awesome!
Anything making you queasy? I made these crushed potato things and ended up getting really nauseous which was no fun. But I don’t think it had anything to do with being pregnant. Kendal even got a little sick from them. I can’t figure out what was bad because it was basically just potatoes, butter and garlic and none of the ingredients were bad but something about them made us both super queasy. Bummer because they tasted pretty good going down!
Baby movement? Yes which I was extra excited about! I just felt nervous about taking cold medicine twice a day and it was such a relief every time I felt her move inside me.
Best moment this week? We have a crib!!! We got some killer deals over black Friday but the one I was most thrilled about was the cute little crib that is now all set up in her nursery :) It actually ended up being an early baby shower gift to us from Grandma King! She overheard us researching stores for Black Friday deals and offered to buy us a crib which was so so sooo nice. She insisted that it made it easier for her since she can’t get out the house much and doesn’t like online shopping! I really can’t say how extremely grateful we are for that gift.
Weird pregnancy moment? I guess getting a cold was the weirdest pregnancy moment of the week for me. I usually stay pretty healthy even when I am around other sickos and when I do get sick, it generally only lasts for a day or two!
What I’m looking forward to? Looking forward to my doctor’s appointment next week! Is that weird to say that going to the doctor’s can be exciting? I just love hearing her little heartbeat!


30 Week Bumpdate

How far along? 30 weeks
Weight Gain? I gained 2 lbs since my last doctors appointment about 2 weeks ago! I guess I must be into the stage where I’ll be gaining about a pound a week. Heaven help me! Lol
Size of baby? A Cantaloupe! Woop Woop!
Maternity Clothes? I tried on some of my normal pants this week and they fit! I was pretty surprised because they are not my biggest pair but something about the cut made it work and I was so happy! I was getting tired of the four maternity jeans I switch through day to day. Hahah
Pregnancy Symptoms? I’m feeling less  anxious this week after completing my baby registries. I’m a list lover and it really relieved a lot of the stress I was having over not feeling prepared for baby to categorize all the things we need to get before she comes. Of course, we still aren’t ready at all because we don’t actually  have most of the necessities but it felt so good to create a completed list of items I’ve reviewed and compared!
Sleep? Oh, you mean waking up every few hours to pee? It’s great. Haha
Cravings? This wasn’t necessarily a craving… but ohhhh my gosh… I got SO hungry the other night. Just absolutely starving out of nowhere! We had a couple options in the house but I knew none of it was going to satisfy my growling belly so I went and picked up a Little Caesars pizza and ate almost the entire thing by myself! Hahah. In Kendal’s terms, I ate from “3 all the way to 12 on a clock”. Oh and most of the bag of crazy bread. I couldn’t stop myself! But it filled me and this hungry little baby up so #noregrets.
Anything making you queasy? I was tested for gestational diabeties at my doctors appointment this week and had to drink a super sugary orange drink that left me feeling a little uneasy. I don’t know if it was the sugar or the orange flavor that did me in!
Baby movement? Oh yes! The other day at work I could feel her getting ready to move (I don’t know how to describe this but sometimes I can just feel her winding up haha) so I quickly peaked down at my tummy and saw her doing the wave across my stomach! Hahah it was crazy. She literally rolled from my right side to my left. I wish I could catch all these moments on camera so other people could enjoy them (almost) as much as I do because it is FASCINATING!
Best moment this week? Kendal joined me at my doctors appointment since his class was cancelled and we ended up taking a little tour of the hospital while we were there! It was so special to walk around together and imagine being back there in just a few months to have our OWN baby! Ah! I felt ALL the feels standing in the delivery room thinking about the next time I’d be in there. My eyes even teared up a little bit. Partially because of excitement but if I’m being completely honest… soooo many nerves! Labor and delivery scare me! They just always have! I’ve been trying to read up on birth stories to prepare myself but I don’t think anything is going to make me feel ready for that moment. And I’m telling myself that’s okay! I just need to keep positive affirmations at the forefront of my mind and I will get through it just like every other mother has before me!
Weird pregnancy moment? Dreaming I gave birth to a fluffy orange cat. Hahah it was horrible and so vivid. People kept telling me she’d grow out of the stage! Lol… bizarre. And Kendal was growing out his beard to prove he has some red flecks so people know it’s his baby too. Hahah. I woke up terrified and sweating because the cat baby attacked me and bit my neck really hard while we were cuddling. Yikes!
What I’m looking forward to? Gobbling til I wobble eating all the stuffing at thanksgiving! (I have been craving Thanksgiving dinner since September).


29 Week Bumpdate

How far along? 29 weeks
Size of baby? A hawaiian pineapple. When Kendal and I went grocery shopping he grabbed a pineapple off the shelf and put it right by the bump to compare… ABSOLUTELY CRAZY to think she is getting so big in there!
Maternity Clothes? Loving all my maternity jeans, leggings and sweats!
Pregnancy Symptoms? I’ve been a little moody this week, if we are being honest! Haha I feel like I have been pretty steady with my emotions throughout most of this pregnancy, but there is something about entering the third trimester that has really messed with my head! I just have so many nerves about EVERYTHING! It’s close and it’s scary. Don’t get me wrong… I am crazy excited too! But I’m feeling extremely under-prepared in pretty much every way. Advice??
Sleep? It’s been alright! Just the usual.
Cravings? My sweet tooth came back with a fiery vengeance this week! I haven’t baked cookies once this whole pregnancy (so weird compared to my usual twice a month regimen pre-pregnancy) but finally got the craving for chocolate chip cookies (actually chocolate chip cookie dough)! So I made a batch and it was heavenly. Then, we had some older zucchini that needed to be used and I made double chocolate zucchini muffins! So much baking! It helped calm my nerves a little at least. Baking always makes me feel better!
Anything making you queasy? This is an odd one, but chicken hasn’t sounded appealing all week! In no shape or form other than the spicy chicken deluxe combo meal from Chick-Fil-A Kendal brought home for me!
Baby movement? Yes and I caught more on video! Such a fun memory of growing this little chick! :)
Best moment this week? My work brought in a massage therapist for a few days for employee appreciation and having someone rub my lower back was incredible! My low back seems to be constantly uncomfortable and that really helped.
Weird pregnancy moment? Hormones are still rocking my poor skin! I got a ginormous zit on my nose that has been really great to deal with. Nawt. What’s a girl to do when Mt. Vesuvius decides to set up camp smack dab in the middle of my face?!
What I’m looking forward to? Not having to pee every 5 minutes. Hahah and I still have 10 weeks left! I don’t know how I am going to get through it!